Take Five with NYC Jazz Singer Samara Joy

By The Django

We are thrilled to welcome NYC Jazz singer Samara Joy to the stage this Tuesday night at The Django. Get to know more about the talented Samara Joy from her conversation with The Django


TD: “Samara, we are so happy to have you performing for us again this Tuesday (tomorrow) at 10PM! I have to ask, who is your biggest influence as a Jazz vocalist and what drew you to their music?”


SJ: “My biggest influence as a jazz vocalist has to be Sarah Vaughan. In my repertoire classes at SUNY Purchase, we collectively learned standards each week to present in class. I always listened to Ella’s version for the melody and then I found Sarah. The ease with which she sings as well as how she tells the story of a song through her phrasing and overall style, it completely captured me.”


TD: “I love seeing the songs you’re posting on IG with your father singing! How has growing up in the Church inspired your sound?”


SJ: “I love singing with my dad! He, along with my aunts and uncles, grew up in church singing with my grandparents. So that sound was always in my ear growing up. I didn’t start singing in church until I was in high school, which really helped me to develop my voice and the confidence to sing in front of people. I have a stronger voice because I sang in church, which I will always be grateful for.”


TD: “Congratulations on your first successful international tour! What was the hi-light of your trip?”


SJ: “Thank you! Every show we did was a hit, which I’m very thankful for, considering it’s my first tour. However, we went to London to play the famous Ronnie Scott’s. I was nervous, this is a club that has hosted every name in the book. We ended up playing two wonderful sold out sets, on a Monday night! I’ll never forget how I felt that night.”


TD: “I notice you perform with guitar quite often, and I love your latest record, self titled “Samara Joy”, which features Pasquale Grasso. Is there something about the guitar that you gravitate towards?”


SJ: “I love the sound. I particularly love the sound that Pasquale gets out of his guitar, as well as the beautiful impossible-looking chords he seems to reach every time he plays.”


TD: “What’s in store for you in 2022? Any new projects, goals, resolutions?”


SJ: “I have a few more tours in store as well as gearing up to record my next album. I’m excited to make more music, travel, get more active in my community, and drink more water!”