Live Latin Jazz in NYC

The Return of “Tango at the Django"

Pedro Giraudo's Tango Jazz Quartet

Pedro Giraudo

Pedro Giraudo

“Tango at the Django” returns, as Latin-Grammy-Award-winner Pedro Giraudo and his Tango Jazz Quartet perform live jazz in NYC at The Django!


The Django’s Latin and World Music Series features an array of rhythms and tempos designed to get your body moving.  The Tango is a new addition to our dynamic list of styles. This beautiful sound originated in Argentina and Uruguay and was influenced by both regional folk music and European classical dance music. Pedro’s Tango Jazz Quartet represents the evolution of tango, articulating a contemporary sound that pays homage to the past and points to the future. 


The band features the crème de la crème of New York City tango musicians with Pedro Giraudo on bass, Nick Danielson on violin, Rodolfo Zanetti on bandoneon (an accordion-like instrument), and Ahmed Alom on piano. Also, you never know how many tango dancers may be gracing the floor at any of Pedro’s shows! 


Prepare your ears with this tango playlist— courtesy of Pedro Giraudo himself:



And be sure to reserve your spot on April 5th for Tango at the Django from 7PM-9:30PM, followed by Chino Pons, performing authentic Cuban music and salsa from 10PM-12:30AM. Reserve HERE.