Django Chats with Mixologists Jeremy Oertel and Natasha David

By The Django

The Django was able to sit down with mixologists Jeremy Oertel and Natasha David at The Django to discuss the craft of cocktail-making and more.


Can you start by giving us some background into what got you into making cocktails?


We were both working in restaurants to support ourselves while we were pursuing other things. We actually met at a restaurant called Corner Shop in NOHO and had our wedding reception there. The space below the restaurant became a “Speakeasy”  and that’s where we were first exposed to the joys of a properly made cocktail. We were both very lucky to be able to train under some of the best bartenders in the city and one thing led to another and we ended up partners in cocktail bars in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We also have a beverage consulting company called You & Me Cocktails and Natasha is set to publish her first book of cocktail recipes in the Spring titled “Drink Lightly.”



What was your inspiration behind the drinks for The Django?


We really wanted to capture the space and vibe of the Django in the cocktail menu. What could be more NY than an underground Jazz Club? We drew from classic NY cocktails recipes for inspiration with a focus on slow sipping, “serious” cocktails. A great Old Fashioned or Manhattan style cocktail is the perfect pairing for the live music. We also included some refreshing cocktails to help you escape and wind down after a long day or week. We always try to have something for everyone and every occasion. 

Which cocktail is your favorite?


It’s so hard to narrow it down to just one! They each have their time and place. Last time I was in, I had the the Count’s Legend which is styled after and Old Fashioned and has a delicious spicy finish. This time of year, I love a boozy drink to help me warm up from the cold. 


Do you have a favorite jazz artist?

I’m not a jazz connoisseur by any means, but Miles Davis has always been my go to. Someone gave me the album “Kind of Blue” when I was in high school and it’s always been a favorite.