Philippe Lemm Trio

Thursday, February 15
7:30pm - 10pm

The Philippe Lemm Trio, one of the most exciting and dynamic jazz groups of the last decade, makes a major statement with their latest release "First Steps." A follow-up to their 2018 OiM debut "City Birds," the album demonstrates the trio's unique, dynamic voice.

"First Steps" is centered around the bandleader's background in dance. Lemm notes: "Before I played the drums I was a dancer, and in a way, I still feel like the drums are my expression of movement." A reflection on the events of the past year, Lemm says "2020 felt like an uncertain choreography. We had to practice slow-dancing by ourselves and learn to maneuver without reference. It dictated its own movement and made us more aware of our fundamental need for one another and how much we desired our dance partners." Musically, First Steps draws inspiration from traditional folkloric dances and their rhythms while some songs take inspiration from reflections on life and the events of the past year.

The overall message is to "keep moving, keep flowing, be flexible."

“Stunning, beautiful, and magnificent music was performed at the 2017 Northwest Jazz Festival. An overwhelming audience favorite. The Philippe Lemm Trio are consummate musicians with intricate and exciting arrangements. One of the most refreshing jazz music to hit our festival in years!” - Tony Zambito, Artistic Director North West Jazz Festival

"A highly engaging band with the ability to create an exciting mixture of its many influences."
- Mikkomatti Aro, Artistic Director Pori Jazz Festival, Finland