Jay Leonhart Trio

Sunday, February 18
9:30pm - 12am

Famed bassist and bandleader Jay Leonhart began his musical endeavors at the age of 7 as a young pianist and percussionist at the Peabody School of Music in Baltimore. At age 14, he chose the biggest instrument he could find, the bass violin, and has since performed with many, if not most of the major jazz bands, singers and musicians of the last fifty years.

Leonhart is from a family of writers and musicians and began playing piano and writing rhyming poetry at an early age and hasn't stoppedince. He has turned many of his poems into songs that are warmly received around the world, and is a recognized bass master and has three times been named the Most Valuable Bassist in the Recording Industry.

His trio includes pianist Tomoko Ohno and drummer Vito Lesczak. Don't miss them LIVE at the Django!