Boyce Griffith Quintet

Monday, July 15


Boyce Justice Griffith - Saxophone
Anthony Hervey - Trumpet
Tyler Bullock - Piano
Marty Jaffe - Bass
John Sturino - Drums

Boyce Justice Griffith is a soulful and melodic saxophonist and composer based in New York City. Known for his captivating melodies birthed from inescapable groove, Griffith has turned heads in his emerging career as a performer and composer. His work on the renowned label Outside In Music includes three singles, "Joe's Blues," "The Rule of Three," and "Four In One," as well as an EP titled "Tuning In." Having studied under the legendary Wynton Marsalis and having performed regularly with world renowned pianist Marcus Roberts, Griffith's music simultaneously embodies the acknowledgement of the tradition and the spirit of innovation that characterizes the genre, making him a standout artist in contemporary jazz.