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Tuesday, February 12th
Tango at Django: Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet 7:30PM

Wednesday, February 13th
Pasquale Grasso Solo Guitar 7:30PM

Evan Sherman Big Band 10PM

Thursday, February 14th
The Ladybugs 6:30PM

Carte Blanche 9:30PM

Friday, February 15th
Ken Fowser Quintet 7:30PM

Lezlie Harrison 10:30PM

Saturday, February 16th
Josh Evans Quintet 7:30PM

Jason Prover and the Sneak Thievery Orchestra 10:30PM

Tuesday, February 19th
Latin Grooves with Gerardo Contino 7:30PM

Wednesday, February 20th
Pasquale Grasso solo guitar 7:30PM

Django Jam 10PM

Thursday, February 21st
Freddy DeBoe Band 7:30PM

Ian Hendrickson-Smith Birthday Bash! 10PM

Friday, February 22nd
Ken Fowser Quintet 7:30PM

Benny Benack III 10:30PM

Saturday, February 23rd
Sam Dillon Quartet 7:30PM

Gotham Kings 10:30PM